Meet WA Labor's new MP's

Meet WA Labor's new MP's

Western Australia’s 2017 State Election delivered an historical result, with a record number of new Labor MP's elected to the Legislative Assembly.

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WA Labor went in to the election needing a net gain of 10 seats to form government in the 59-seat Assembly. Two of these seats (West Swan and Collie-Preston) were already held by Labor, but had become notionally Liberal after the 2015 boundary redistribution. Labor won these seats easily.

In addition, Labor has secured 19 new seats. This gives Labor a net gain of 21 seats.

It is worth noting that Labor won the new, notionally Labor, seat of Baldivis.

In the new Parliament, Labor will have a majority of 23 seats, with the Liberals and Nationals holding only 18 seats. Labor will have no problem passing legislation through the Legislative Assembly.

Labor’s majority was built on the back of a 16.4 per cent primary vote swing against the Liberals and Nationals, with 9.7 per cent of this delivered to Labor and 4.5 per cent to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

While the unpopularity of Colin Barnett was a key factor in the result, Labor’s positive plans to build METRONET, Medihotels and urgent care clinics, as well as putting education assistants back into classrooms and making TAFE more affordable were instrumental in voters backing Labor.

Almost 12 months before the election, Mark McGowan had launched a comprehensive plan to diversify the economy and create jobs.

Jobs, alongside Labor’s commitment to stop the privatisation of Western Power, were the campaign’s dominant themes.

The magnitude of the new government’s majority provides an unprecedented opportunity for WA Labor to deliver its agenda and secure a second term. The calibre of the new talent in its ranks gives Labor the ability to renew over time.

Download our brief here, in which we introduce you to WA Labor’s new members of the Legislative Assembly, as well as the Labor candidates in undecided seats, who are hoping the count goes their way.

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