Why your company may need a media protocol

Why your company may need a media protocol

For many organisations, engaging with the media can have many positive outcomes, from raising the organisation’s profile to increasing public awareness of an important issue. But in order to get to the point of achieving those outcomes, a lot of work needs to be done behind the scenes first. The previous blog in this series talked about the importance of understanding why your company might want to engage with media.

One area that tends to get overlooked is a solid understanding of how an organisation is going to engage with the media. If a company doesn’t have strict policies and procedures in place, media engagement can become a shambles pretty quickly. Sending mixed messages to the media can damage your company’s reputation just as easily as a well executed plan can boost it.

At Campaign Capital, we advise our clients on how to develop their media protocol to ensure their engagement with media goes as smoothly as possible. There are a range of questions companies need to ask themselves, from exactly how they’re going to deal with interview requests from the media to who is authorised to speak on the company’s behalf. Once that person has been identified, they might want to think about having some media training.

After all the questions around protocol and identifying spokespeople have been clearly answered, the next step is to think about messaging. Once your company has decided why and how it’s going to engage with media, it needs to think about what it’s going to say. This messaging needs to be clearly defined in order to get the company’s points across. In an interview, you may only be given 10-20 seconds to say what you want to say, so it’s important to get it right.

Campaign Capital works with our clients on how to develop their messaging, make it consistent across all platforms and deliver it in a concise, targeted way. Putting out a media release is the easy part. It’s all the work behind the scenes leading up to that point that can mean the difference between your release getting national coverage or being thrown in the bin.

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