CGM Communications builds success through the delivery of strategic communications with the community, government, media and markets.

We use our strong networks and detailed knowledge of local, state, national and international government policy to identify common ground and deliver win-win outcomes.

We use innovative community engagement techniques and market-leading digital influence, as well as a hands-on understanding of local, national and global media, to tell stories, build stakeholder support and shape public policy.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, with national and international partners, we work to build positive trade and investment relationships that create quality business and employment opportunities, locally, and around our region.


CGM is more than a service provider, they are a colleague, a collaborator and a partner. They work with us, not for us, and the end result is a great result for Lifeline WA.

Lorna MacGregor
CEO, Lifeline WA

"We initially engaged CGM for a brief project but were immediately taken with their proactivity, strategic thinking and real interest in our goals and what we represent.  They are always responsive and we haven’t stopped using them since!"

Tony Hume
CEO, Variety WA

"Getting a law passed for voluntary assisted dying is one of the hardest political challenges to take on. At Go Gentle, to achieve our goal, we needed a strategic communications partner who understood WA’s political and media landscape; knew how to negotiate it effectively; and who were prepared to work unreasonable hours for a cause they believed in. CGM delivered all that and more. No matter the challenge, they were always ready with another idea, and always ready to go."

Andrew Denton
Founding Director, Go Gentle Australia

CGM were easy to work with and were strategic in their efforts on the ground, easily managing all the moving parts. I highly recommend CGM Communications to run a public advocacy campaign.

Patrick Batchelor
National Field Director, Australians for Equality

“Daniel and CGM Communications delivered exactly the outcome we were looking for. We found Daniel very available, and in the thick of negotiations he was accessible on short notice, which was great. Daniel provided effective insight and balance to our negotiations whilst ensuring conversations with the right stakeholders occurred at the right time."

Gavin Taylor
CEO, WA Football Commission

“When major events, such as the State Budget, have approached, CGM personnel have worked closely with our spokespeople to anticipate issues and likely lines of inquiry by the media.  Strategies for performing during interviews and maximising positive coverage have then been developed, with role-plays undertaken in preparation.

CGM is a highly professional and trusted organisation that adds great value to the communications our organisation has with both our members and the media.”

Pat Byrne
President, State School Teachers' Union
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